The Benefits of Effective Elements of Instruction

Over the course of her career, Greta Siddiqui has served in a number of teaching capacities. A graduate of the State University of New York at Brockport, Greta Siddiqui holds certification in elements of instruction.

Teachers take many variables into account when planning the elements of instructional units for use in their classrooms. An effective syllabus draws on such factors as classroom management technique, methods chosen for positive encouragement, reinforcement of previously learned skills, and instruction in new lessons. Research has shown that children learning in highly structured classroom environments will demonstrate more effective retention of their lessons than children engaged in less defined lesson plans.

Studies indicate, specifically, that many students struggling with reading comprehension and related disabilities can overcome their issues through detailed instructional strategies. These strategies may include careful monitoring on the teacher’s part of when to increase or continue with the current level of difficulty, breaking lesson plans into smaller segments, and delivering examples of various problem-solving models.


Donating, Sponsoring, and Volunteering for Unbound

A veteran teacher in New York, Greta Siddiqui is a strong supporter of her community. In addition to frequently volunteering, Greta Siddiqui supports organizations such as Unbound.

Formerly known as the Children’s Foundation for Children and Aging, Unbound brings together donors and sponsors to fight poverty around the world. Unbound accepts donations of any size through its website, and funds go toward strengthening the organization’s current education and livelihood programs. Donations also buy birthday presents and help families repair their homes, in addition to covering emergency medical expenses.

Donors also have the option to contribute by sponsoring a child, adolescent, or aging individual for $30 per month. The sponsorship cost provides food, clothing, educational supplies, and literacy training. Sponsors receive pictures and a family profile of the person they are supporting. They maintain their sponsorship for as long as the supported individual is in the program or until they choose to discontinue their sponsorship.

Unbound also welcomes volunteers willing to host a movie night or help at an event. Unbound provides all the necessities of hosting a movie night in its movie night kit, which is ordered through its website. The kit includes the organization’s film Rise and Dream, which features kids from Unbound’s many programs.

The Benefits of Practicing Yoga

A New York substitute teacher, Greta Siddiqui enjoys a variety of hobbies during her free time. In addition to spending time with her family, Greta Siddiqui often reads, travels, and practices yoga.

In addition to creating harmony between the body and mind, yoga provides physical benefits, such as increased flexibility. The stretches and poses involved with yoga gradually loosen the muscles, improving flexibility and overall alignment. Further, yoga strengthens muscles, protecting practitioners from arthritis and falls. Stronger muscles also promote better posture by making it easier to hold the head over the spine.

Practicing yoga is also a great way to keep the cardiovascular and circulatory systems healthy. Some yoga practices increase heart rate up to the aerobic range, thus decreasing the risk of heart attack and relieving feelings of depression. However, even without reaching aerobic range, yoga improves cardiovascular conditioning, lowers resting heart rate, and improves endurance. Further, yoga practitioners often experience a decrease in blood pressure, along with improved bone strength, which decreases the risk of osteoporosis.

The Rules of Field Hockey

Greta Siddiqui spent several years teaching in the Corinth Central School District in New York. In addition to teaching, Greta Siddiqui served as a field hockey coach at Corinth Central School. 

Field hockey is a great form of competitive exercise, especially for fans of ice hockey who live in a warm climate or lacrosse players who prefer a more defense-oriented sport. New players should first take some time to learn the sport’s basic rules. To begin, the game is split into two halves of 20 or 25 minutes, depending at the age level, with a brief five-minute intermission. Each team fields 11 players at once with an objective of passing and dribbling the field hockey ball into the opposing team’s territory and scoring a goal. However, there are a few regulations that prevent easy goal scoring.

Players may not can block the field hockey ball at any time, even with their stick; the ball must be available to all players at all times, with clever dribbling and accurate passes preventing the opposing team from stealing the ball. It should also be noted that the rounded side of the hockey stick can never come into contact with the ball. While field hockey is a contact sport, excessive roughness is not tolerated; tripping, charging, or punching are just a few examples of prohibited physical contact. Certain fouls allow the opposing team to take the ball out of the penalty corner, allowing for an easier shot on goal.

Unbound Fosters Global Sponsorship

A mother of three and prolific community volunteer and philanthropist, Greta Siddiqui has worked as a teacher for several New York school districts. Greta Siddiqui supports a variety of charitable organizations, including the Christian Foundation for Children and Aging, which changed its name to Unbound in January 2014.

Unbound raises funds to support the young and elderly in need around the world. The organization accepts recurring donations of $30 a month to sponsor a person. These donations pay for food, shelter, clothing, and medical attention as well as educational supplies such as books or tuition. In addition to the necessities, sponsorship programs provide for Christmas and birthday celebrations and recreation. Sponsored children additionally benefit from literacy and livelihood programs for their parents, which strengthen the entire family.

Sponsorship represents more than a donation; the organization facilitates relationships with beneficiaries, including the exchange of letters and photographs. Unbound provides translation services to enable exchanges across languages. The organization asks beneficiaries to write their sponsor at least twice a year and encourages sponsors to send birthday or Christmas greetings or other occasional letters.

Running – The Many Benefits to Health

Experienced substitute and remedial math teacher, Greta Siddiqui is involved in community service as well as supporting the athletics and activities of her three children. In her spare time, Greta Siddiqui enjoys reading, yoga, traveling, camping, and jet skiing. She also enjoys running and has completed several road races for charity.

People run road races and marathons because it is enjoyable and competitive, and it may be a goal that they have always wanted to achieve. Another very good reason why people run is to improve their health.

Running can have numerous health benefits:
1. It improves circulation and cardiovascular health.
2. Running lowers blood pressure and cholesterol.
3. Exercise like running helps people lose weight through increase in physical activity and change in diet. Experienced runners recognize which foods slow them down and which foods fuel a run.
4. It strengthens muscles.
5. Running makes lungs stronger and more efficient.
6. Exercise promotes better sleep due to release of energy while running.
7. It can bring improvements in posture and endurance.
8. The increase in endorphins leads to an improved immune system.

Christian Foundation for Children and Aging Prepares for Trip to Chile

KANSAS CITY, Kansas (July 2013) – The Christian Foundation for Children and Aging (CFCA) is preparing to make an awareness trip to Chile, which will take place September 27-October 6, 2013. The CFCA encourages all of its members and supporters to participate, including longtime advocate Greta Siddiqui. Combining her Christian values with her background as an educator, Greta Siddiqui has served as a religious education teacher and actively supports other charitable organizations, including St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

The purpose of the awareness trip is to provide sponsors of the CFCA mission in Chile the opportunity to meet the children or the elderly they have sponsored and perhaps their families; to learn about the unique experiences and perspectives of their sponsored friends; to travel to the subprojects to meet other CFCA families; and to visit the towns of Valparaiso and Vina del Mar.

Founded in 1981 by a group of Catholics dedicated to helping the poor, the CFCA works in 21 countries worldwide to provide support and resources for families who live in poverty. The CFCA’s more than 250,000 members sponsor and support over 300,000 children and elderly people around the globe.