Donating, Sponsoring, and Volunteering for Unbound

A veteran teacher in New York, Greta Siddiqui is a strong supporter of her community. In addition to frequently volunteering, Greta Siddiqui supports organizations such as Unbound.

Formerly known as the Children’s Foundation for Children and Aging, Unbound brings together donors and sponsors to fight poverty around the world. Unbound accepts donations of any size through its website, and funds go toward strengthening the organization’s current education and livelihood programs. Donations also buy birthday presents and help families repair their homes, in addition to covering emergency medical expenses.

Donors also have the option to contribute by sponsoring a child, adolescent, or aging individual for $30 per month. The sponsorship cost provides food, clothing, educational supplies, and literacy training. Sponsors receive pictures and a family profile of the person they are supporting. They maintain their sponsorship for as long as the supported individual is in the program or until they choose to discontinue their sponsorship.

Unbound also welcomes volunteers willing to host a movie night or help at an event. Unbound provides all the necessities of hosting a movie night in its movie night kit, which is ordered through its website. The kit includes the organization’s film Rise and Dream, which features kids from Unbound’s many programs.