The Benefits of Practicing Yoga

A New York substitute teacher, Greta Siddiqui enjoys a variety of hobbies during her free time. In addition to spending time with her family, Greta Siddiqui often reads, travels, and practices yoga.

In addition to creating harmony between the body and mind, yoga provides physical benefits, such as increased flexibility. The stretches and poses involved with yoga gradually loosen the muscles, improving flexibility and overall alignment. Further, yoga strengthens muscles, protecting practitioners from arthritis and falls. Stronger muscles also promote better posture by making it easier to hold the head over the spine.

Practicing yoga is also a great way to keep the cardiovascular and circulatory systems healthy. Some yoga practices increase heart rate up to the aerobic range, thus decreasing the risk of heart attack and relieving feelings of depression. However, even without reaching aerobic range, yoga improves cardiovascular conditioning, lowers resting heart rate, and improves endurance. Further, yoga practitioners often experience a decrease in blood pressure, along with improved bone strength, which decreases the risk of osteoporosis.