Unbound Fosters Global Sponsorship

A mother of three and prolific community volunteer and philanthropist, Greta Siddiqui has worked as a teacher for several New York school districts. Greta Siddiqui supports a variety of charitable organizations, including the Christian Foundation for Children and Aging, which changed its name to Unbound in January 2014.

Unbound raises funds to support the young and elderly in need around the world. The organization accepts recurring donations of $30 a month to sponsor a person. These donations pay for food, shelter, clothing, and medical attention as well as educational supplies such as books or tuition. In addition to the necessities, sponsorship programs provide for Christmas and birthday celebrations and recreation. Sponsored children additionally benefit from literacy and livelihood programs for their parents, which strengthen the entire family.

Sponsorship represents more than a donation; the organization facilitates relationships with beneficiaries, including the exchange of letters and photographs. Unbound provides translation services to enable exchanges across languages. The organization asks beneficiaries to write their sponsor at least twice a year and encourages sponsors to send birthday or Christmas greetings or other occasional letters.