Greta Siddiqui: Going the Extra Mile for Charity

An educator, Greta Siddiqui is a firm believer in the value of strong community ties. She actively supports local charities and community events. In addition to volunteering with seniors and at hospitals, she has run for charity in several road races. Greta Siddiqui, like many other runners, has found that running for charity can provide several benefits beyond physical fitness.

1. Great motivation. On a rainy evening or in the aftermath of a challenging week, it can be difficult to find the motivation to go out for a run. Making the commitment to run for charity, and, therefore, knowing that many people are depending on you and looking forward to your participation, provides an excellent incentive for hitting the pavement.

2. Lots of potential running mates. It can be challenging to find training partners among your friends or neighbors. By contrast, participating in a charity run gives you access to a huge group of people who have the same running goals as you. Furthermore, social media makes it easier than ever to reach out to them.

3. A round of applause. Sometimes, after completing your longest run ever or besting your fastest time, it can be nice to get a little acknowledgement of your effort and success. You can get this in spades at the finish line of a charity race, where crowds applaud, not only your running, but also your commitment to a worthy cause.