Running – The Many Benefits to Health

Experienced substitute and remedial math teacher, Greta Siddiqui is involved in community service as well as supporting the athletics and activities of her three children. In her spare time, Greta Siddiqui enjoys reading, yoga, traveling, camping, and jet skiing. She also enjoys running and has completed several road races for charity.

People run road races and marathons because it is enjoyable and competitive, and it may be a goal that they have always wanted to achieve. Another very good reason why people run is to improve their health.

Running can have numerous health benefits:
1. It improves circulation and cardiovascular health.
2. Running lowers blood pressure and cholesterol.
3. Exercise like running helps people lose weight through increase in physical activity and change in diet. Experienced runners recognize which foods slow them down and which foods fuel a run.
4. It strengthens muscles.
5. Running makes lungs stronger and more efficient.
6. Exercise promotes better sleep due to release of energy while running.
7. It can bring improvements in posture and endurance.
8. The increase in endorphins leads to an improved immune system.