Strategies for a Family Hiking Trip

Greta Siddiqui regularly participates in a variety of outdoor activities, including running and jet skiing. The mother of three and certified teacher also enjoys taking her family camping. Through her personal and professional experience, Greta Siddiqui has learned a number of strategies to keep children engaged and learning while exploring the wilderness.

To keep children interested while trekking through the wilderness on a hike, parents should make them part of the process from the very beginning. Children love to do things that they have helped to create, so involving kids in the hike planning goes a long way toward making them feel included. Once on the trail, bring the maps out and let the children try their hand at using a compass to discover where they are.

Guidebooks are also a great way to keep kids engaged during a hike. Try looking over guidebooks before the hike begins to get children excited about spotting birds, plants, and wildlife. To make the experience even more exciting, make a game of it. Challenge children to spot as many items in one category as possible, or start a kids-versus-parents competition based on who can identify more birds. A little bit of creativity goes a long way toward getting kids excited about hiking.


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